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I'm an entrepreneur focusing on providing
simple and intuitive solutions to complex problems.

Latest News

2012/04: I sold my last startup "cloudshop.jp" to "aucfan.com" which is Japan's largest product-price data analysis company. Press Release, Related blog post


Bora Savas

Current Positions
- Investment Partner at Netprice.com
- Entrepreneur in Residence in Open Network Lab.
- Researcher at Price Strategy Institute

- Co-Founder @ Pecoq
- Co-Founder & CEO @ Cloudoq Inc.
- Specially appointed research fellow @ Osaka University.
- Lecturer (Computer skills) @ Doshisha Women's Collage
- Toyota Motors Inc.

Guitar, snowboarding, cycling, photograph, making things...

Japanese, English, Turkish, body language :)

Research Topics

Natural Language Processing
Semi-structured Data Mining
Intelligent Information Access
User Interface, User Experience
Language Resources and Infrastructures

Software Releases

Research Related
CLAWS-C7-Tagset Corpus Data Indexer, Concordance Viewer (2011/12)
CLAWS-C7-Tagset Corpus Data Convertion Tool (2011-11)
Web Based KWIC Viewer for tagged (CLAWS-C7-Tagset) corpus data
LMF based Web Service for Accessing WordNet type Semantic Lexicons
FlickrCLIS - Cross-language Information Retrieval Service By Using Images
KanjiReadingGen - CALL System for Generating Kanji Misreadings
Japanalyzer - Japanese/Turkish reading assistance system (TTS, word translation)
Auto RegEx - RegEx based annotation tool (open source, freeware)
AutoFuri - A tool for adding Japanese readings to kanji in Japanese text.
KanaJapaneseSegmenter - A Japanese word segmenting tool without implementing a morphological analysis.

Business Related
CloudShop - Integrated Management System for e-commerce related companies (SaaS)
Auction Data Search - Search engine for Japanese car auctions with translation (JP->EN)
Remokon - Social CMS as a web service (SaaS)
Mysic.fm (Startup Weekend Tokyo Project)
Realtime Internet Customer Support - AI chatbot web service (Japanese, English) (to publish)

Programming Skills

I wrote my first program with Basic at the age of 13 on Commodore 64. (A couple of years later, I managed to convince my parents to buy me an Amiga 500 :) ) Since then, I've played with different programming languages and I've felt in love in Python. Now It's my favorite snake.

General: Python, JavaScript, Java
Interested: Objective-C
Past: Basic, GW-BASIC, Visual Basic, R, C, Adobe AIR
Love: Django (Both of the Web Framework & Musician), Titanium, jQuery



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